About Us

Ibenga Girls Secondary School was built in 1962 by the Franciscan Missionary Fathers whose aim was to carter for the local girl child who had failed to go to school in the community they had settled. The school was first called St. Theresa's Secondary School then the name was later changed to Ibenga Secondary School whose motto is "In the light of Christ we excel." Ibenga is a catholic school situated in Mpongwe district in the Copperbelt. Though it is in Mpongwe district, it is nearer to Masaiti Boma about 3 Kilometres away and about 25km from Luanshya town centre and 65km from Ndola. The school currently has a class from grade 8 to grade 12.Academically the school has attained very good results. Results have steadily improved over the years and the school has become one of the leading schools in the country. The pupils enjoy clubs and societies which have multiplied and flourished.

School History

The school started with 35 pupils in 1963. It was blessed by his Rt. Rev. Bishop Francis Mazzzieri of Ndola Diocese at the feast celebration of St. Dominic on 14th August, 1963. In 1972 the school developed gradually from form one of 35 pupils to form five of 462 pupils. Now the school has five streams from grade 8 to 12 with three classes each ABC. Pupils are put according to their capabilities, the C class is mostly for the local girls, the day scholars.

The school's history cannot be complete without mentioning the staff that help build the school to what it is today. In 1963 the school had only a Head teacher Sr. De Pace and a part time teacher from there the school took off. Later Sr. Mary Alacoque took over as Head teacher and served for many years. Sr. Mary Cordula succeeded Sr. Cordula with Mr. Abia Chitambala as her Deputy Head teacher with a teaching staff of 28 members. In 1994, the school's management changed hands, the Dominican sisters handed over the school to the Franciscan Sisters of Assis with Mr. Chitambala as the First Head teacher under its new management.